Enlighten Mood By Listening To Best Songs

The passion and spirit in activity are obligatory for you to get. Let the activities you do provide maximum results. But, what is called spirit is unpredictable when it comes, and sometimes it goes away. Well, so that the spirit can immediately come into you, you also have to find the source of your spirit. From the songs you hear, music with a fast beat makes you want to dance, you can make your mood improve and give you an injection of zeal. This time, we summarized a number of songs that are guaranteed to make you even more excited. Immediately see the list of songs that must be included in your playlist to improving your mood.

Pharrell William – Happy

With this song, you can spread the spirit virus and be happy. From the title, it seems that this song invites anyone to stay happy. Through this song, Pharrell William spreads the virus to stay happy and not worry about the small problem that is plaguing you. Whenever keep always your spirit and give it applause. These lyrics are easy to memorize, as well as the beat that makes your head really get your spirit out of its hiding place.

Coldplay – Adventure Of Lifetime

With this song of Coldplay, you won’t stop to continue your adventure in life. With surprises in each song, Coldplay makes anyone who hears this song move his head. Even in reff part, get ready to make you want to dance and follow the good spirit. The lyrics gave an injection of enthusiasm that even though your parents said you couldn’t achieve something, you were the one who could change that view. Those mean you can change everything possible.

Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

This Uptown Funk song is ready to make you dance with a very good beat. This song is sung and guitared by Mark Ronson who collaborates with Bruno Mars which can indeed make anyone who listens it wants to dance. The lyrics that are fun and pleasant to hear from this song imply how much you enjoy your life now. Feeling proud and uplifting is indeed highlighted in the form of lyrics that are easy to memorize.

Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne – Rather Be

You can Invite your spirit now with just listening to this song of Rather Be from Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne. Jess Glynne’s sweet voice is guaranteed to make you more excited when the mood is down. Although it’s far from the comfort zone and it’s hard, but you can get through it all. Come on, you must be more enthusiastic looking for fortune and also worship or pray. Especially when you see the video clip, make it even more exciting to go for a walk around Japan.

Maroon 5 – Sugar

Maroon 5 can be your encouragement and you can make your day more sweet with this song. This song is really the same as you who are losing enthusiasm. Adam Levine won’t just let you go sluggish and lack of spirit. He will give an injection of enthusiasm from his attractive face and his melodious voice that makes you’re all tremble. With the accompaniment of guitar, drumming, and bass sound that makes you excited it won’t make you lazy again. The parable of sugar is likened to love and passion that can be obtained from you. Come on, keep your enthusiasm remain sweet and like sugar.

Avicii – Waiting For Love

Avicii always ready to make you nod happily while jogging with this Waiting for Love song. You also can keep your hands on while listening to this song. The problem will always there to be a barrier which prevents you to be better. But, from that problem, we can get wisdom and get better. This message was conveyed from Avicii and plus, the effects of electronic music are very thick in this song. Definitely, this song can make you jump up and down and get excited to go to study, college or work.

Zedd – Beautiful Now

Songs with a high beat can make you excited again such this song from Zedd. There is one more music that is thick with the nuances of ‘Electronic Dance Music’ which called EDM. With rich music effects and beat music, this song will make your spirit come by itself and make yourself dance in the room. Although the core of this song is to spend time with a boyfriend or girlfriend, the essence of the spirit expressed in the lyrics encourages us to fight and light the sky.

Icona Pop – I Love It

This Icona Pop’s song can also help your spirit back into the right place. The pieces of the lyrics such as ‘I don’t care, I love it’ are indeed suitable to be used by your motto, who is always passionate about finding success in everything. Education or work, you still have to be passionate no matter what the reason. This song has a beat which ready to make you dance up and down. Also, this song will definitely make your spirit go up to its maximum point. Don’t care, always stay motivated and always happy.

Let’s not be lazy just because your mood is down. To be more uplifting, you can hear some of the songs above which can certainly make your mood happy again.