Basics Of Songwriting Which Can Make Hits Song

Are you a person who never misses a day without listening to music? If so, it means that music has become an integral part of your life. Usually, people who like to listen to music are creative people. At a higher level, writing songs can also be a hobby which if it’s serious can be a fun profession. This time we provide you some songwriting basics that can make hit songs.

Make With All Of Your Heart

Making songs is a process, you have to do it with all your heart. Technically, creating songs means combining the composition of tones and lyrics to become a song. For songwriters, writing songs is a process that is more than just a technical job. Writing songs is a channel of expression, communication, conveying thoughts and also emotions. Also as well as a reminder of the various phases of the life of the songwriter and the people who inspired.

No Standart Songwriting

There is no standard method for writing songs, you have to find your own style by continuing to practice. Most people often wonder what kind of method is best for being productive in the creative world. Both writing songs, books, fiction, articles, films and poetry, there is no standard. Especially in creating songs, there is no standard method in this process. For some people, writing lyrics first feels more comfortable. While for others, starting with a melody first will make the process of making songs easier. The important thing is to find your own style and continue training so that the ability is not blunt.

Everything And Everywhere, There Always An Inspiration

Inspiration can come anywhere and anytime also inspiration is unpredictable. Therefore, it is very important to record ideas that cross your head right away. You can record lyric ideas in a note application, notebook, or record your initial melody with the recorder application on your mobile. In this way, ideas that roam from anywhere can be easily remembered. You can develop it again once you get home.

Relax Zone

Relax zone can be said is a creative zone, when relaxed, don’t ignore the ideas that come. Scientifically, there is a relationship between the brainwave phases with the level of creativity. Our brain has various waves, which are delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. The brain is in the gamma wave when it is in the most active condition, and switches slowly to the delta which is a deep sleep condition. When entering the relaxed phase that you usually feel when you want to sleep, your brain will enter the alpha wave.

When these alpha waves increase, feelings of anxiety and depression decrease and the usual brain parts that play a role in creative thinking are active. So, if you want to sleep, you get an idea, don’t be lazy to write it in a draft, many musicians often do it. While lying in the room, staring at the ceiling, and playing the guitar, the lazy atmosphere created can bring new inspiration.

Keep The Passion

Having passion is important, but more importantly, keep it there. Many great things begin with passion. Passion for something can make you pursue a specific field and spawn many works. But passion is not enough. You need toughness and patience so you can continue to progress even though you are going through difficult times.


Success is the result of teamwork, working with the right people can help you create great works. The music industry has changed a lot now, formerly recording labels were looking for talent, but now it’s different. Singers and songwriters need to be more active in finding channels to develop, not just passively waiting to be found. Writing songs starts with your own ideas. But, continuing it in recording, labeling, also marketing it to a wider public. Of course, requires a team consisting of experts in their fields. You must first find your genre or musical genre. After that, you need to form a team that contains people you trust in terms of vision, ability, and also character.

Save Your Income

Because the music production and post-production processes need considerable funds, from now on you have to save income first. When your work is well-known, you probably don’t need to worry too much about funds for the production and post-production processes because many people want to help. Another case if you just started your career from the beginning when your work was not widely known. Often, you have to be willing to spend money yourself to make your dreams come true. Many new musicians saved money for a long time in preparation for recording his first album. Various jobs such as being a music teacher at school were fun, you can try it. The point is if you want to be like another well-known musician, let’s start planning savings from the start.

Promotional Strategy

In addition, the promotion strategy after the release of the song must be carefully planned. After your song has been written and recorded, you can listen to the closest people to get input. Then, you can share it on various social media sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you have a large collection of songs, you can compile them on a CD and give them to your friends as gifts. You can even offer your songs for their special moments such as birthdays and weddings. If you want to make money, your song can be sent for songwriting competitions. You can also send it to a record company so you can get a record label and be helped for the distribution and marketing process tubidy mp3.