Music App Android, the Best Apps for Listening to Music

Listening to music becomes a part of daily life that people begin to adopt, thanks to development of technology that allows people to enjoy music individually. If you are an Android phone user, you need to use music app Android in order to listen to your favorite tracks all day. A great thing about that is many of such programs are offered for free, although with limitations. Are you interested in learning the best apps for listening to music that you can use on your Android phone? Let’s take a peek at this list.

  1. Spotify

To this date, Spotify remains as the most popular streaming music app Android. It has various features such as browsing tracks, artists, and genre. The app also has reputable chart system based on the most listened tracks or artists. However, the most famous feature that this app has is the playlist sharing feature. You will be able to create a playlist consists of your favorite songs in this application then share it to your friends and fellow Spotify users. There is an option whether to use the app for free or signing up for premium account mp3juice.

  1. YouTube Music

This particular music app Android has been released not too long ago. It still tries to find its footing within the saturate music streaming app industry. However, since the application itself is developed by a large tech company, you can expect to find interesting features within the application. You can browse song really easily can create public playlist. It is also synced to your YouTube account. You have the option to register as free user or pay affordable monthly fee for listening to music without ads.

  1. Pandora

The next app used by Android users is Pandora. It also adopts radio style system. When you establish an account at Pandora, you are creating your own radio channel. Based on the data that you enter at the beginning, the system will supply you with music suggestions, although you also have the options to browse songs on your own. If you utilize the app for longer time, the list of music in your channel will continue to add on. Thus, it allows you to discover new music that will match your taste. You can subscribe to the basic (with ads) or premium plans for this app.

There are many other music app Android options out there. You may search for other options that you find will match your needs in music listening.


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Listening Song Tips: How to Convert a Video to Mp3

How are you today? The skies were cried last night and the weather kinda wet. But, of course, we still love to tell you things that might you love and this kind of information will be great if you learn it properly. Today what we will tell you is about how to listen to song tips. Yes, things like this could be very important sometime for some people. If you are one of them and you love to do things perfectly and here we are, we will give you things about how to listen to the song and also how to convert a video into mp3 online. So, if you are interested in this article from youtube mp3 dönüştürücü, might be very lovely for you.

How to Convert a Video to Mp3

There are lots of people who still don’t know how to convert a video into an mp3. This could be the main topic of this article besides the tips on how to listen to a song. If you are interested in this kind of thing then we will give you a nice answer for what you’ve been looking all along. Today we will give you some nice tips about listening to a song and also how to convert a video into mp3 online. If you are so curious about it, then let’s get started and learn new things with us, who will give you a lot of good things that will help you to change your life.

There are lots of people who still don’t understand how they can change or convert a video into an mp3, even when this thing is really easy to do. Well, we will help you to understand how you can convert a video and change it into an mp3 via online. So, you don’t need any software installed on your PC or laptop. Here’s the simplest way that you can try on your own.

  • Open the website that allows you to stream any kind of videos.
  • Copy the link or URL above.
  • Open a new tab and type the converter website.
  • Paste the link or URL to the box on the converter website.
  • Click start, yes or convert.
  • Wait for a second and you will find many choices below the main box, choose mp3 and then it will automatically download itself.
  • And voila you have a new mp3.

Tips to Listening to a Song

That’s how you do it. After you know about that, now let’s see how you can listen to a song. This article will give you some nice tips to enhance your experience during listening to a song. Well, let’s check them out here at youtube mp3 dönüştürücü.

  • Open your mp3 player on your phone (if you using a phone).
  • Go to setting and then choose the manual equalizer.
  • Adjust the equalizer according to what you like (using headset it’s very recommended).
  • Adjust the bass, treble and the middle very carefully to find the exact setting that suits you.

This is how you do it when you using a phone to listening to music. Do those stuff above will help you to enhance and boost the quality of the output, and it will give the song a little bit color, so the sound will change to what you like and can be very good for your ears as well.

If you usually use a phone to listening to music, those tips above will bring something new to your ears, and of course, you will be able to find the good and perfect sound that can be very fitted your ears. When you looking for some nice tips to listen to a song, especially with your phone, those are the best tips that you can follow, and it will help you find the best sound to your ears and will give you a new and different experience in listening to music. If you are interested in that and want to try something new and different than the usual, you can try to change the audio setting in your music player. This will help you enhance the sound to what you like and what you want. Simple, easy and without doing anything hard of course.

Hopefully, this will be very perfect for those who look the way to listen to music properly. Very simple things that could bring a big change to your life. So, that’s the tips on how to listening to a song and also how to convert a video into mp3 online. You can visit tubidy mp3 to gain more info about the info explained above.

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Basics Of Songwriting Which Can Make Hits Song

Are you a person who never misses a day without listening to music? If so, it means that music has become an integral part of your life. Usually, people who like to listen to music are creative people. At a higher level, writing songs can also be a hobby which if it’s serious can be a fun profession. This time we provide you some songwriting basics that can make hit songs.

Make With All Of Your Heart

Making songs is a process, you have to do it with all your heart. Technically, creating songs means combining the composition of tones and lyrics to become a song. For songwriters, writing songs is a process that is more than just a technical job. Writing songs is a channel of expression, communication, conveying thoughts and also emotions. Also as well as a reminder of the various phases of the life of the songwriter and the people who inspired.

No Standart Songwriting

There is no standard method for writing songs, you have to find your own style by continuing to practice. Most people often wonder what kind of method is best for being productive in the creative world. Both writing songs, books, fiction, articles, films and poetry, there is no standard. Especially in creating songs, there is no standard method in this process. For some people, writing lyrics first feels more comfortable. While for others, starting with a melody first will make the process of making songs easier. The important thing is to find your own style and continue training so that the ability is not blunt.

Everything And Everywhere, There Always An Inspiration

Inspiration can come anywhere and anytime also inspiration is unpredictable. Therefore, it is very important to record ideas that cross your head right away. You can record lyric ideas in a note application, notebook, or record your initial melody with the recorder application on your mobile. In this way, ideas that roam from anywhere can be easily remembered. You can develop it again once you get home.

Relax Zone

Relax zone can be said is a creative zone, when relaxed, don’t ignore the ideas that come. Scientifically, there is a relationship between the brainwave phases with the level of creativity. Our brain has various waves, which are delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. The brain is in the gamma wave when it is in the most active condition, and switches slowly to the delta which is a deep sleep condition. When entering the relaxed phase that you usually feel when you want to sleep, your brain will enter the alpha wave.

When these alpha waves increase, feelings of anxiety and depression decrease and the usual brain parts that play a role in creative thinking are active. So, if you want to sleep, you get an idea, don’t be lazy to write it in a draft, many musicians often do it. While lying in the room, staring at the ceiling, and playing the guitar, the lazy atmosphere created can bring new inspiration.

Keep The Passion

Having passion is important, but more importantly, keep it there. Many great things begin with passion. Passion for something can make you pursue a specific field and spawn many works. But passion is not enough. You need toughness and patience so you can continue to progress even though you are going through difficult times.


Success is the result of teamwork, working with the right people can help you create great works. The music industry has changed a lot now, formerly recording labels were looking for talent, but now it’s different. Singers and songwriters need to be more active in finding channels to develop, not just passively waiting to be found. Writing songs starts with your own ideas. But, continuing it in recording, labeling, also marketing it to a wider public. Of course, requires a team consisting of experts in their fields. You must first find your genre or musical genre. After that, you need to form a team that contains people you trust in terms of vision, ability, and also character.

Save Your Income

Because the music production and post-production processes need considerable funds, from now on you have to save income first. When your work is well-known, you probably don’t need to worry too much about funds for the production and post-production processes because many people want to help. Another case if you just started your career from the beginning when your work was not widely known. Often, you have to be willing to spend money yourself to make your dreams come true. Many new musicians saved money for a long time in preparation for recording his first album. Various jobs such as being a music teacher at school were fun, you can try it. The point is if you want to be like another well-known musician, let’s start planning savings from the start.

Promotional Strategy

In addition, the promotion strategy after the release of the song must be carefully planned. After your song has been written and recorded, you can listen to the closest people to get input. Then, you can share it on various social media sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you have a large collection of songs, you can compile them on a CD and give them to your friends as gifts. You can even offer your songs for their special moments such as birthdays and weddings. If you want to make money, your song can be sent for songwriting competitions. You can also send it to a record company so you can get a record label and be helped for the distribution and marketing process tubidy mp3.

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Top Rated Workout Songs

There are lots of songs that you can listen to when you do your workout. Listening to some songs while you do the workout will help you to increase your mood and this will make your workout feels even better than it should be. But, of course, you need to find good songs to bring a good mood forth. In today’s article, we will talk about to rated workout songs that you can listen while you do and enjoying your workout time. If your interest in doing some workout and you still can’t find any of good songs that can help you to boost your mood, you might find the answer in this article.

Finding the Top Rated Workout Songs

Well, looking for the top rated workout songs there are lots of things that you need to know first. This might help you in finding what you’ve been looking all these times. As we know doing some workout need very good music to help the body can enjoy the rhythm of exercise that you do. Sometimes there is music that can’t be used as the workout song, maybe because the music is too sad or too slow. So, for you who wants to find a good song for working out and exercising, you need to know how to find the top rated song for your workout.

And in today’s article, we will try to make you learn and understand how you can do it. This could be a very fun process that you might love, especially if you are one of those people who really love do some workout stuff. This article will help you in finding a way to understand how to search for songs to make your workout time become better and nice. So, let’s talk about how you can find the good songs for your workout time, and here’s the way that you can do if you looking for the top rated workout songs to help you find the great songs that could make your exercise time or workout time become way better than it used to.

Simple Tips to Find the Workout Songs

We already have some tips that you can use, especially if you really looking for something that could bring a good beat and good mood to your workout time. So, let’s see what you should do if you want to find the top-rated songs for your workout time. Here are a few tips that might be very useful for you in finding the good songs to boost the mood when you workout.

  • Genre

To find the perfect songs for your exercise, the first thing that maybe come up in your head is about the genre. Yes, this is maybe the basic that you need to do when you looking for a good song. The good genre that you might love to listen when you workout maybe something like EDM, rock, alternative pop/rock, power pop, or even slow rock. Those genres will make a good combination and could bring a good mood as well.

  • Beat

The second thing that you need to do is make a playlist and then you need to categorize the songs that you already put into your player according to their beat. This will help you to achieve something that really helps to make the workout feels different and better than it should be. So, make sure if you put the songs according to their beat.

  • Top List

If you really like to have a good song when you working out, you need to find the songs according to their rating. Yes, this is very helpful to help you can find a great song to accompany you when you do the exercise. You only need to find the top list on each genre to help you find the perfect one on the list. Do this on each genre to obtain the most beautiful and perfect song list for your working out time.

  • Years

If you want to find the top rated workout songs that people might listen and you like something new and modern, you might need to look at the year when the songs have been released. This is very important because it will help you to find the latest chart and it will give you the latest popular songs.

  • Theme

Well, adjusting the theme of the songs will make your exercise feels way better, because this could help you to find the good songs that can perfectly fit your what kind of workout or exercise that you do. When you do the heavy lifting, you might love to play the rock theme on your phone, this will bring up the mood.

  • Popularity

You also can find good songs for your workout event according to their popularity. This will help you to understand which songs that might help you get your best mood while you do your exercise.

So, that’s how you do it. That’s the tips for you who looking for some good songs for your workout kinda thing. It’s very easy to do and when you do those tips above, you may find the top rated workout songs that will help you to bring the good mood forth while you do the workout. Simple, easy, faster and perfect for people who always spend their time do their workout.

For people who really love working out and wants some good vibe to their exercise every day, you might find a good playlist for your daily workout time.

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Enlighten Mood By Listening To Best Songs

The passion and spirit in activity are obligatory for you to get. Let the activities you do provide maximum results. But, what is called spirit is unpredictable when it comes, and sometimes it goes away. Well, so that the spirit can immediately come into you, you also have to find the source of your spirit. From the songs you hear, music with a fast beat makes you want to dance, you can make your mood improve and give you an injection of zeal. This time, we summarized a number of songs that are guaranteed to make you even more excited. Immediately see the list of songs that must be included in your playlist to improving your mood.

Pharrell William – Happy

With this song, you can spread the spirit virus and be happy. From the title, it seems that this song invites anyone to stay happy. Through this song, Pharrell William spreads the virus to stay happy and not worry about the small problem that is plaguing you. Whenever keep always your spirit and give it applause. These lyrics are easy to memorize, as well as the beat that makes your head really get your spirit out of its hiding place.

Coldplay – Adventure Of Lifetime

With this song of Coldplay, you won’t stop to continue your adventure in life. With surprises in each song, Coldplay makes anyone who hears this song move his head. Even in reff part, get ready to make you want to dance and follow the good spirit. The lyrics gave an injection of enthusiasm that even though your parents said you couldn’t achieve something, you were the one who could change that view. Those mean you can change everything possible.

Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

This Uptown Funk song is ready to make you dance with a very good beat. This song is sung and guitared by Mark Ronson who collaborates with Bruno Mars which can indeed make anyone who listens it wants to dance. The lyrics that are fun and pleasant to hear from this song imply how much you enjoy your life now. Feeling proud and uplifting is indeed highlighted in the form of lyrics that are easy to memorize.

Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne – Rather Be

You can Invite your spirit now with just listening to this song of Rather Be from Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne. Jess Glynne’s sweet voice is guaranteed to make you more excited when the mood is down. Although it’s far from the comfort zone and it’s hard, but you can get through it all. Come on, you must be more enthusiastic looking for fortune and also worship or pray. Especially when you see the video clip, make it even more exciting to go for a walk around Japan.

Maroon 5 – Sugar

Maroon 5 can be your encouragement and you can make your day more sweet with this song. This song is really the same as you who are losing enthusiasm. Adam Levine won’t just let you go sluggish and lack of spirit. He will give an injection of enthusiasm from his attractive face and his melodious voice that makes you’re all tremble. With the accompaniment of guitar, drumming, and bass sound that makes you excited it won’t make you lazy again. The parable of sugar is likened to love and passion that can be obtained from you. Come on, keep your enthusiasm remain sweet and like sugar.

Avicii – Waiting For Love

Avicii always ready to make you nod happily while jogging with this Waiting for Love song. You also can keep your hands on while listening to this song. The problem will always there to be a barrier which prevents you to be better. But, from that problem, we can get wisdom and get better. This message was conveyed from Avicii and plus, the effects of electronic music are very thick in this song. Definitely, this song can make you jump up and down and get excited to go to study, college or work.

Zedd – Beautiful Now

Songs with a high beat can make you excited again such this song from Zedd. There is one more music that is thick with the nuances of ‘Electronic Dance Music’ which called EDM. With rich music effects and beat music, this song will make your spirit come by itself and make yourself dance in the room. Although the core of this song is to spend time with a boyfriend or girlfriend, the essence of the spirit expressed in the lyrics encourages us to fight and light the sky.

Icona Pop – I Love It

This Icona Pop’s song can also help your spirit back into the right place. The pieces of the lyrics such as ‘I don’t care, I love it’ are indeed suitable to be used by your motto, who is always passionate about finding success in everything. Education or work, you still have to be passionate no matter what the reason. This song has a beat which ready to make you dance up and down. Also, this song will definitely make your spirit go up to its maximum point. Don’t care, always stay motivated and always happy.

Let’s not be lazy just because your mood is down. To be more uplifting, you can hear some of the songs above which can certainly make your mood happy again.

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